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The trading of this product has been operating since 2003 with commitment to the customers, cioe, the decision-makers of the commercial catering outlets. The knowledge in all the areas of business of the members of the company, all Masters graduates help to make sales, understand customer needs, and, react to the market in an innovative way but keeping constantly in mind the old conservative trade of catering. In fact, rather than profiling JC Trading on the Internet, we are working by product´┐┐and this site is specifically dedicated to the Freshtowel napkins. The company is a reaction to the position of strategic Malta within the EU.

Wet Towel Wipe

JC Trading

Based on experience, JC Trading has been gradually developing through direct marketing normally referred to as personal selling and has gradually achieved permanent customers who came to look upon the product as the best in the market. JC Trading operates from the central island of Malta