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When it comes to eating, whether it is in your home or some special place outside, personal hygiene is not always taken care of. This is our speciality, that of personal hygiene, that is a cleaning objective!

We care mostly on quality and cost. We take care of the practicability of our products. Presumably, as one can see from the picture, the napkin is really a towel, and replace the linen cloth which, in first class restaurants is used to cover the suits of the guests, only!

Wet Towel Wipe

Freshtowel towelets will take care of the hygiene part!

The fact is that this towelet is specifically made to serve this purpose...but it has a multitude of other important characteristics that one must understand. When eating finger type food, like chicken, spare ribs, rabbit and so many other plates the only answer is freshtowel. These wet napkins are useful especially with fish, and everyone knows when eating fresh fish one has to get rid of the odour...especially giant prawns and its genre. The solution is freshtowel napkins!

It is definitely the best way to get rid of the smell, and rest assured that the maximum hand and mouth hygiene that such food leave behind when one finishes his meal! Not only that, but it really eliminates the need for a finger bowl, with luke warm water and a piece of lemon...let alone the hassle to carry out such an operation.

What's more? It serves as a marketing campaign for the outlet using this specific type of napkin...FRESHTOWEL. If you are impressed, order a sample, send us an email giving us full details of address and your particular interest and we will send you a sample!

A local qualitative survey showed clearly that customers remember the place where they had this special service...that of freshtowel napkins. The specifications are of very high standards, and we are proud of this product. Just try it for some time and you can see the difference in marketing and eating experience in your outlet. It does not cost much for sure! All you need is to try it once...and I am sure you will keep on using it as most of the local outlets did.