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Freshtowel Deluxe

In this fast moving society, minimising costs and labour has been a practice in most organisations.

Wet Towel Wipe

With Freshtowel Deluxe, there is no laundry and table settings can always be varied to suit the occasion.

Freshtowel is the market innovator with respect to customer care of premium disposable wet napkins. With a product offering consisting of solid colour for presentation, fashion design with the EU target market in mind it will add that something special to the table decoration. This product is targeted to restaurants, lodging and transportation industries across the EU.

Freshtowel has definitely helped catering outlets to provide top quality service with cost efficient pricing providing ways in which customers return for more. We also provide custom print with a minimum ordering quantity for company brand recognition. This product is a disposable item and the towel can be recycled for sustainability purposes.

Freshtowel Apple scented face towels are packed in roll type and is lightly scented; apple fragrance, soft and strong; and fresh all day.

Our towels are processed by fully automated machines and individually wrapped for hygiene and freshness to EU standards.

Best Soft wet towel in range. Professionally packed in foil for maximum preservation (OPP).

Serve Cold in summer by refrigeration.

Serve Hot in winter by just placing them in a plate warmer.

Pleasantly scented a durable wet towel 100 gsm wet towel.

Airlaid for long freshening effect.

ISO certified: SGOO3/0026